What is Water Softening?


Water that contains vast amounts of calcium and magnesium is referred to as 'hard' water. Hard water can create several issues in your home, ranging from odd tasting water to clogged pipes. It also interacts with soap and reduces its cleaning power.

Water Softeners work by replacing the calcium/magnesium with sodium (salt). Water entering the house is passed through a special resin which contains the sodium. Here the molecules of calcium/magnesium are attracted to the resin and exchanged. The sodium enriched water is now passed through the system and into your house, while the calcium/magnesium molecules remain trapped in the resin. Over time the resin will need to be flushed out and regenerated with more sodium to restore its effectiveness. This is done automatically with a brine solution and is why you add salt pellets to your softener.

Using a water softener is an economical way to treat all the water in your home. While only needing small amounts of salt per month and generating very little waste water its total cost of ownership is very low.


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