Drinking Water Systems

HR-5 Reverse Osmosis

The HR-5 Reverse Osmosis drinking water system utilizes a non electric energy recovery device, called a permeate pump, which dramatically improves the efficiency of an R/O system. This unit will improve recovery by as much as 400% and reduces wastewater by 80%. The HR-5 also prevents TDS creep, increases the life of the membrane and fills your tanks four times faster. You will also be able to eliminate purchasing cumbersome bottled water or having cases of bottles lying around.

Features of the HR-5 System:
• Membrane rated @ 50GPD
• 3.2 Gallon Storage Tank
• Booster pump package
• Standard Chrome faucet
• Multiple faucet upgrades with different
. finishes
• Available for refrigerator hookup in
. most cases

With the HR-5 you will have water that is healthier for you and your family, and less plastic going out into the environment.

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