Why is Purified water better for drinking?

Reverse osmosis water treatment removes more dangerous contaminants than any other purification method, and they are uniquely designed to work with municipally treated water. The water they produce is not subject to phthalate contamination, and they are able to remove cryptosporidium from drinking water, a feat that neither municipal water treatment plants nor bottled water companies have yet managed. Also, drinking reverse osmosis water is a much more economical practice than drinking bottled water. The pure water product of RO water costs very little more than untreated tap water. Maynard's is your best choice when looking for water purification in Grand Rapids.

Softened water for appliances?

Softened water can be a benefit for not only your health but as a better choice for your investment in home appliances. Hardness in water can cause buildup in your washer, sinks and bathtubs causing early repair bills and shortening the life of your investments. Water Conditioning can help improve the life of appliances and keep your faucets looking like new.

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Beverages full of flavor.

Purified water allows the flavor of your favorite beverages to come through. Want your coffee to taste as rich and flavorful as the Cafe downtown? Start with clean, filtered water. Make Maynard's your choice for Water Conditioning in Grand Rapids.

Feel Cleaner and more refreshed.

Clean water can make all the difference in making you feel clean and keeping your hair soft and healthy. The contaminants in water can leave a residue in your hair and on your skin leaving you less refreshed. Iron in your water can also result in a tint in your hair and leave it brittle and dry. For a really clean result contact Maynard's Water for a free quote.

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Fresher tasting meals.

With natural fresh foods being the best for you, why would you want to rinse them in less than perfect water? Anything that uses water in its preparation from Pasta to Stew will taste better and be better for you. Give your family the best that they deserve with purified water in your home by contacting Maynard's today.

Your pets will love their water

Love your pet? Give them refreshing water. Pets love to feel clean and to be bathed in fresh clean softened water. They also prefer drinking purified softened water over city or well water.


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